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Analytics Website

Taking a complex technical subject and making it approachable is one of my favorite tasks! For more than a decade, I’ve been partnering with Degree Prospects to create top-ranked higher education websites with practical, no-nonsense advice for college students.

Legal Brochure
Legal Brochure

Occasionally a job requires rewriting and tweaking, rather than completely new copy. Working with the advertising firm of Stackpole & Partners, I helped edit this two-page brochure. It serve as a condensed version of a prominent law firm’s message documents.

Cabinetry Website

How do you make a cabinetry website sing? Help your reader picture the space as their own. For this client, the About page and Showcase section received customer-friendly copy and refreshing new visuals from Flying Cloud Design.

Wildlife Control Catalog

Catalog copy is where I got my start in freelance copywriting! Under the tutelage of the talented folks at Catalog Design Studios, I created the entire copy for the Wildlife Control Supplies catalog. Humor was mixed with practical product information and specs.

Custom Closets Website

The challenge? Explain how custom-crafted closets and office solutions can change a customer’s life. The solution? Detail the process in visually engaging steps. Working with Clobeca Web Design, I crafted all the copy for this website, including explanations of Coast Closet’s unique design systems and features.

Custom Upholstery Website
High-End Upholstery Website

McLaughlin Upholstering Co. is a boutique custom upholstery firm in Boston, Massachusetts. For this project, the client requested a website that would showcase their impeccable workmanship and reinforce their commitment to “old school” quality. In collaboration with the design firm of Tomlinson LLC, I created the copy for the entire site, including the fascinating section on Craftsmanship.

Merchants Leasing White Paper
Fleet Management White Paper

New technology can be intimidating, even to seasoned pros. When a New England company was launching an Online Fleet Management (OFM) web tool, they decided to commission a white paper that would explain key aspects of the system. Working with the advertising firm of Stackpole & Partners, I crafted a document that clearly outlined benefits and features.

Cyber Security Website
Cyber Security Website

Move over James Bond – the new heroes are cyber security experts. To engage students in this exciting field, I collaborated with my regular partner, Degree Prospects, to create a new site. In addition to regular sections such as Programs and Career Profiles, I also wrote a section on Useful Resources.

Real Estate Website
Real Estate Website

Housing is a hot commodity in Boston these days! That’s why this real estate investment & management client wanted a website that reinforced their expertise and attention to quality. Working with the design firm of Tomlinson LLC, I crafted the copy for all sections, including Mainsail’s stunning Portfolio.

Data Science Website
Data Science Website

Data science is exploding in popularity – but where to go for advice? For this educational website, I completed the initial blog posts & web copy, including sections on Career Profiles, Technologies, and Industry Uses. My blog post on The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math continues to receive a large amount of traffic.