Copywriting FAQ

The Freelance Process

Who are you? How do I know you’re qualified for my copywriting project?

My name is Elinor Teele and I run Squam Creative Services. You can read about my professional experience, my approach to copywriting, and the opinions of clients & partners on this website. Or you can contact me with any questions you might have.

All in all, I have 15+ years of experience as a freelance copywriter and online marketer, a PhD in Old English Literature from the University of Cambridge, and a big creative brain. I’ll put them to use for you.

What about copywriting samples?

Web samples are posted where possible in my Copywriting Portfolio, but in the interest of partner and client privacy, I do not post some samples on my site. Please contact me if you’d like to see examples of my print work and links to online samples.

How will you approach a freelance copywriting job with me?

It starts with a video conversation or email chat about your needs.

After we’ve talked, I will draft a contract for services with our agreed terms and send you a copy to sign. Writing often requires research and I will work closely with you to learn what information you want included.

The first draft completed, I will consult with you to make sure I have achieved the right tone and feel for your needs. Then we can approach any subsequent drafts and edits with a clear direction. Writing catalog copy is different from writing a white paper, and I always want my work to fit into your coordinated marketing approach.

What are your copywriting rates?

My copywriting rates are available on request. Times vary according to the nature and complexity of the medium. Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

What do your rates include?

Rates include time spent in research and copywriting, as well as phone or video conferences to discuss the drafts. Research can mean learning about the product, customer or market and is an important part of many projects. The more background information you can provide me at the beginning, the easier and faster it is for me to tailor my writing to your specific needs.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. But it’s not 16 pages long. It’s a simple terms of agreement document. I don’t ask for a down payment before starting my copywriting, but in return I ask for a written assurance of good faith. In addition, I want you to be happy that what we have discussed in our initial conversation is what you will receive. It’s important that you feel covered too.

What if I have a tight deadline? Can you accommodate me?

It depends on the project. For certain writing that doesn’t require a lot of background knowledge or is in a medium I have a lot of experience in, I can accommodate. That being said, I’m here to do a good job. If meeting the deadline comes at the expense of the writing, then I’d be wasting your time and money.

Does my company own all the rights to the copy you write for us?

Absolutely. I may ask you for permission to show samples of the work I have done with you to other clients, but I will always specify where I wish to use it (web, print or as an email file).

What happens if I want to cancel our project halfway through?

Life happens. If something comes up and you wish to cancel our contract, I will prorate my fees for the time I have already put in and send you an invoice for that amount. I do not charge a penalty fee.

Can we work remotely?

Absolutely. Please email me if you’d like to link up for videoconferencing.

How can I contact you?

Email: Please fill in my contact form.