Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Holy Trinity Church), Graz, Austria

Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Trinity Church), Graz, Austria 1

This Baroque sunburst rests on the foundations of the city’s ancient town moat, right near the Schlossbergstiege. Consecrated in 1704, the Dreifaltigkeitskirche was built by Bartholomew Ebner for the Nuns of the Ursulines.

Symbolism: The Power of 3

The center of the Dreifaltigkeitskirche depicts the Holy Trinity – God the Father (right), God the Son (left), and God the Holy Spirit (the dove at the top).

  • God the Son’s chest is bared to reveal the wounds of the Passion/Cruficixion.
  • God the Father is holding a scepter (a symbol of a monarch’s power over temporal matters) and resting his hand on an orb (a symbol of Christian sovereignty).

Kids may want to count up the triangles, a perfect 3-sided shape!