Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary 1

Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary

High on the hill sits the lonely castle…

No, that’s not quite right. Buda Castle has plenty of neighbors, though perhaps none so well-lit. The site is ancient even if the buildings are not. Buda Castle was annihilated in the Siege of Budapest and the “medieval” walls on show are the result of 1950s-1960s reconstruction.

The interior’s much more interesting. Here you’ll find the Hungarian National Gallery and a smorgasbord of fascinating art.

And death. I don’t know what was in the water in the 19th century, but it certainly produced a morbid taste for drama. If exophthalmic brides are to your taste, don’t miss this beauty:

Ordeal of the Bier by Jeno Gyárfás

And these corpses:

The Discovery of the Corpse of King Louis II by Bertalan Székely
Mourning of László Hunyadi by Viktor Madarász

Then head for a breath of fresh air on the first floor, just off the stairs:

Boys Throwing Pebbles by Károly Ferenczy
Gardeners by Károly Ferenczy

Footnote: Fans of penmanship should dig up József Faragó. I stumbled upon a temporary exhibition of his work and found it hard to stumble away. A hard-hitting satirist and caricaturist, Faragó was famous for gleefully skewering Imperial fat cats. His etchings ain’t half bad, either.

Mutamur by József Faragó